Formal areas:

Dining Room And Tevis Before 5:00 P.m.
  • Golf attire is acceptable except for dining when other attire is specified.
  • Hats, for gentlemen, are inappropriate.
  • Well maintained blue jean pants are permissible
Dining Room And Tevis After 5:00 P.m. And All Day On Sunday
  • Well maintained blue jean pants are permissible
  • All shorts, skirts, skorts (divided skirts) must be no shorter than six (6) inches above the knee.
  • For gentlemen, Collared shirts and shirts with a mock turtleneck are appropriate; T-shirts and sleeveless shirts of any type are not appropriate. Hats are not appropriate
  • For ladies, bare midriff attire and tube tops are not appropriate.
  • Shoes or sandals must be worn.

Informal areas:

Grill Room And Patio Anytime
  • Appropriate golf, tennis and athletic attire are permissible.
  • Well maintained blue jean pants are permissible.
  • Hats worn properly (with brim or bill forward) are permissible.
  • Shoes or sandals must be worn.

Other Dress Code Policies:

  • Swimsuits, tank tops, and cover-ups may not be worn in any Club area.
  • Costume or casual attire for private parties, and specified club events, may be worn, subject to the approval of the General Manager or House Committee Chairperson
  • Members dressed to be seated in the Grill Room or on the patio may access the buffet line in the dining room.

Children's Dress Code:

Boys and Girls over the age of 12 must follow the adult dress code set forth herein. For children age 12 and under, parents will be responsible for their children's proper attire, conduct, behavior, and decorum.

Golf Course Dress Code


  • Hats must be worn properly (with brim or bill forward).
  • Blue jeans are not allowed.
  • Athletic bottoms not tailored for golf are not allowed. This includes gym shorts, tennis shorts, swimming trunks, running shorts, sweatpants etc.
  • Wind / rain pants are approved if there are no patterns and they are solid in color.
  • Shoes that do not have spikes must have an enclosed heal. Sandals that are designed for golf are allowed. Sandals without spikes may only be worn on the driving range and practice putting green.
  • Stockdale Country Club is a softspike facility.
  • Sweatshirts (loose, heavy shirt, typically made of cotton) with hoods are not allowed.
  • Sweatshirts designed for golf (light weight) and sweaters are allowed.

In Addition,


Gentlemen must wear shirts with collars, or mock shirts with a collar of at least 1 ¾" inches. Shirts must be tucked in at all times, regardless of the shirt style. T-shirts are not allowed. Men’s shorts must be no shorter than six (6) inches above the top of the knee. Cargo shorts and pants are not allowed unless they have no flaps, are tailored for golf, and the pockets lay flat and do not balloon away from the body of the short.


Women must wear shorts / skorts / skirts that are long enough to not see their bottom area (even if covered by under shorts) at any time, standing or bent over. Leggings are approved if there are no patterns, they are solid in color, and not shear in fabrication. Sleeveless shirts or blouses must have a collar or mock collar of at least 1”; no collar is required if shirt or blouse has sleeves. T-shirts are allowed as long as they are plain in design with no more than a small vendor logo apparent on the garment. Racerbacks are only allowed with a collar (no collar = no racerback). Plunging necklines are not allowed.


Juniors: Juniors ages 10 – 17 will adhere to the same requirements. The only exception is during the Junior Camps. During these events all items are approved except for blue jeans.

Juniors: Juniors ages 9 & under are allowed to wear any items except blue jeans.


The attire of non-golfing participants on the Golf Course or Practice Facility must be respectful to a private country club’s environment. Spectators may not wear blue jeans, sweatpants or T-shirts.

Outside Tournament Participants:

The Golf Professional Staff will encourage the same dress code for players in Outside Tournaments. During these special events the exceptions are that cargo shorts will be allowed and shirts don't have to be tucked in.

Outside Tournament Spectators / Volunteers:

These individuals are allowed to wear any items as long as they are respectful to a private country club’s environment.

Tennis Dress Code

  • Players may wear approved tennis attire of any color.
  • Players must wear approved rubber-soled tennis shoes (no jogging shoes).
  • Male players must wear shirts with at least a quarter length of sleeve at all times.
  • Tank tops for men are prohibited.
  • No one may play in a bathing suit, leotard, halter-top, bare midriff, or gym / jogging shorts.

Fitness Dress Code

Fitness center and fitness classes:

Please wear appropriate exercise attire. Gym shoes must be worn. Full front and back shirts are required.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phone use is permitted at the Club. However, members are urged to maintain a high degree of cell phone etiquette. Cell phones should always be on silent ring. The Club prohibits the use of cell phone cameras for any reason.