You can't purchase History or Tradition, but you can join it and live it at Stockdale Country Club.


Club number: (661) 832-0310
Fax number: (661) 832-6590

Golf Shop: (661) 832-0587
Tennis Shop: (661) 834-1113
Golf Course: (661) 832-0177


General Manager

Susan Greer x214



Nancy Guzman x212

Human Resources

Cindy Schmalzl x219

Membership Director

Lisa Poole x210


Administration Assistant

Robert Perez x200



Golf Shop

(661) 832-0587 direct
(661) 832-0310 x215

PGA Director of Golf

Mike van der Goes

Golf Course

Superintendent (Vacant)



Tennis Shop

(661) 834-1113 direct
(661) 832-0310 x 218

Tennis Coordinator

Louise x 218

Director Of Tennis And Fitness

Robert Limpias x 217

Director Of Jr. Tennis

Marc Johns x 224


Glenda Findley x 229

Personal Training


Certified Massage Therapy

Maribel Perez
(661) 205-9735


Head Chef

Julber Gonzalez

Lead Food Service 

Tony Monterroza & Silvestre Flores x222

Lead Manager

Javier Perez x225